The 21 days Of Inspirational Blogging

I was sitting today at work, staring at the screen of my computer thinking in my head how badly I would love to quit my job. I know it sounds so dramatic, but honestly, that is exactly the thought that was going through my brain for hours and hours… Granted, I have a job that allows me to pay my bills and live somewhat comfortable, but today I had the realization that it’s simply not enough. People stay in their jobs for months or years, for the only reason that they do not like to change positions, or because they are afraid they will not get a new job easily, or the comfort of knowing the job requirements so well and not having to start over.. but none are for the real value of an employment, becase you love what you do and you don’t see yourself doing anything else!

Nowadays, people have accepted the fact that they need to make ends meet and they have to do it with a Job they need, but not necessarily with a job they want or enjoy. Ironically that also applies to me, who I’ve been day dreaming for years to find my passion and quit my job and make money doing what I love… needless to say, I am still working a 9-5 job and still have not found that passion, hence on why I am writing about that here.

However, today I had an epiphany while staring at a blank page on the screen, seating in my office… the realization that I don’t want to continue doing what I hate and that I will do everything I can to move towards what I love. Except, what is that exactly? What do I love? For years I’ve always enjoyed writing, since I was nine years old I wrote poems and short stories but always felt it wasn’t good enough and threw them away thinking that the next one will be better.
I am almost 30 and still didn’t get that writing going, until today.

I have decided to embark on a self-discovery journey where I will write down and post what goes on in my head, sounds boring, except I think a lot ! Sometimes I have the most random topics to discuss and just need an outlet to express my self and hear other peoples opinions… so with that said, I will be writing for 21 days inspirational blogs. Don’t ask me what those topics will be, because honestly, I have no clue! But I can guarantee you, they will be fun and also entertaining.

Since I already wrote a lot and most likely bored you to death, why don’t we dive in todays topic….

” Have you ever wondered why people always want something different than what they have? ”

I am certain I am not the only one with this feeling, we go through life with one thing in hand but wishing in our hearts, we had something else. It is very rare to find someone who is completely satisfied with what they own, control or have and want nothing more.

When I was little I always entertained the idea of becoming a veterinarian and taking care of animals, only longing to pursue the dream and be someone professional and with a lot of money. Of course, that didn’t happen, but I lost sight of who I truly was and what I wanted in life, I started wanting what I didn’t have. So far, I’ve accomplished surviving, but conquering my dreams, and feeling completely satisfied with my self… not at all.. I actually feel so far away from that, but I don’t want to give up, on the contrary I want to move towards it.. for the first time in my life.

I see people all the time, wether it’s at work or streets, acquaintance, etc. Always with the hope of holding something they don’t have and lack the ability to see what they do have. Some have so much money, but they want more, some have the best freedom you can ask for, but they want to tie themselves to something or some one, I feel it’s an illusion that keeps people going forward, that keeps people focus on the future and not the present a mirage per se.

Although it sounds like a great motivator I prefer or choose, to live in the present fully. I decided that If i don’t like my job, I will change it that if I don’t like my friends I will change it and that anything that makes me miserable in any sort of way , has to go. That I will stop wishing for something else, instead I will conquer it! It all starts with a Plan!

The plan for today is to smile, to have good vibes, to be patient and not want something else. To accept and appreciate what I do have at hand and to make the best of it!

What’s your wish for today?


4 Replies to “The 21 days Of Inspirational Blogging”

  1. Hi Carolina,

    I love your writing style. So happy that you decide to pursue your passion. I am intrigued to see the other articles. Have a great day!


  2. mi deseo para hoy y para siempre es estar en una constante calma espiritual, ¡estar alegre! , y ser agradecida porque hay tantas cosas cada día por las cuales estar agradecidos…


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