An Epiphany!

So, today was one of those days I woke up suddenly and realized I had an epiphany in my dreams. It was a realization of my most deepest thoughts on which I’ve been drowning for the last few days. I’ve been wanting to dig into my deepest desires, passions and thoughts in order to find my strongest point. I even jumped in Meditation in my conquer for self discovery leading to my …

Going back to my epiphany..

I had this dream in which i was been persecuted by this dark being, extremely powerful and evil. He wanted me and two other people that were also running away from him. At the time I didn’t understand what can I possibly have that this creature want from me as I’m only a ordinary human with no special talents or gifts. Yet I was running for my life because I, above all, I did love living, at least that was in my dream. We kept running away, me and those other two people and looked behind us as we ran towards a huge forgotten house. When we turned back to take a glimpse of what was left behind, there was nothing but darkness covering the city. But the darkness kept moving in waves from one side to another and was coming towards us. With no hesitation we continue without breath the run for our lives.

Although we ran to that forgotten rusty filthy house we had no clue why we needed to be there. I guess we thought we would be safe under a roof. We finally arrived and as we stepped inside the first floor I saw dozens of spider webs and house items all over the house. It was dark and cold, humid, it almost felt like death had come upon this house before we even stepped foot in there. However in our desperation for salvation we ran upstairs looking for a warm cozy spot to hide before the darkness killed us.

As I crossed to the second floor, I felt a deep strong presence of darkness looking at me. Coming at me… directly in my face and it felt as if there was no ceiling or stories of floors. I felt naked in front of this darkness and suddenly I froze. I was so afraid to move and kept hoping he hadn’t seen me. My heart started beating faster and faster, I started sweating profusely and my body started shivering. As it came closer I felt weaker and ready to pass out, permanently. The closer the weaker I was… my eyelids felt so heavy I could hardly keep them open, I said goodbye in my heart to my loved ones and gave up letting my body loose… when suddenly I felt warm and a light past through my closed eyes. It was so bright I couldn’t even open my eyes and I heard a soft gentle melody coming from the floor above. I saw my self in a third dimension where the darkness was kicked out of the house and desperately waiting for us outside, like a lion waiting for its pray anxiously. Yet I could only focus on that sound… I followed it and saw three bracelets in the floor, they were lighted by a light from above and the music was a soft harp sound. As we approach the room there was nothing but peace. The room decorated lightly but it seemed clean and renovated. I grabbed one of the bracelets and placed it in my wrist, it fit perfectly. It was made for me, and as it entered my wrist a saw a string light focus on my heart. Then it hit me. The bracelets were our hearts. All of a sudden everything disappeared. I was awake in my bed gasping for breath… and realized I was given back another opportunity..

The gift I have is my life, the fact that I can wake up every morning and pursue my dreams, my passions, my goals. I can look at a morning’s sunshine and see the colors around me…

I can see life!


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