How to overcome Depression

Depression unfortunately is something almost everyone has nowadays. Every body goes through a rough patch in life or through life changing events that puts us at the lowest we have ever been in life. Isn’t that right?

If we only had the power to never go through any of this negative moments we would never experience them, yet sadly we don’t control everything around us and unfortunately most things have an affect on us.

So what can you do if this is what you are going through right now… how can you over come your depression, or sad/ negative thoughts? sad-image-12

I will list a few things that you can do that has helped me:

First find a Therapist.

With this I don’t mean you are crazy and need to go get psych help.. A therapist is a professional person who will guide you with your own thoughts and feelings to view things in perspective and perhaps have a different outcome of events. An example of that is : when you are depressed you see a day gloomy or cloudy, somewhat boring or lonely. While speaking to a therapist they might help you noticed that you missed a few things in that gloomy day.. like the birds chirping, the kids laughter, the breezy air that hit you as soon as you walk out of your house. Those little things just change your perspective of how you viewed that day.. yet alone you would have never noticed it. Yet it is normal to feel this way… that is the whole reason why you are seeing a therapist in the first place.

o-HUGGING-facebook.jpgSecond Find Support with your loved ones

This is very important! I can not stress enough how important is to surround yourself with people that love you and know you well. We tend to perceive ourselves in a very negative way and those people that love you will always remind you how you REALLY are and how valuably you are to them. You need to remember that…

Third is the importance of a Hobby

It is crucial that you find something that fulfills your heart. A hobby is most of the time the ideal way. It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive, it can be as simple as exercising, reading a book, meditating or traveling. Anything that you really enjoy doing for pleasure… There many benefits for your health when you have a hobby and make things for yourselfpiano that make you happy, it helps you to cope with Depression and or anxiety.

So ask your self, what is my hobby?…

And lastly…

The fourth is finding the reason for your depression

There are many reason why you can be depressed but one major one is anger. Many people have anger feelings that they have not dealt with and have not let it out the proper way, making it tougher on yourself.  Keeping those feelings for a long time may have a toll on your inner self perspective and you start looking at your self under a negative microscope. Take your time to be honest with your self and deal with those emotions, always trying to be safe.

Of course there are many other ways you can do to overcome your depression, that we would never end, but this are some tips I can give you that helped me a lot. This are also good for Anxiety as well. I wish you all the best and if you are really struggling out there, keep your head and and stay strong and confident that it will go away. Nothing bad can last for ever… sooner or later it ends.

Until next time


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