Are you in a Cult?

Are you in a Cult?

Hi dear Reader!

The topic I chose today is a somewhat controversial and sensitive subject. A lot of people in this world are very religious and belief strongly that is necessary to be part of a recognize church to be able to worship god. Although, there is some truth to that, it is crucial that we pay attention that by trying to fulfill our spiritual needs we don’t become pray of sects or cults that all they want is another member to control or manipulate.


Unfortunately I speak of experience since I was born and raised inside a cult. Of course for privacy reason I will not share yet which cult was it, but let me just give you a little insight of what been a member of a cult means.

First to understand if we are in a cult, we need to know what a cult IS- based on the free dictionary, it is ” a sect that is considered generally extremist or false, with its followers usually living an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian leader.” very true by the way…

So lets proceed with the facts:

  • No freedom of Speech- When you are in a cult you are not allow to have your own opinions and thoughts or voice. You are brained washed from the very beginning that is a MUST to follow the teachings of the superiors without questioning anything…why? Basically because you are and will always be wrong. It is even more dangerous when you share your own opinions with others. You will be disrupting the peace among the sect, so you may put yourself in great trouble. Sounds stupid  and childish doesn’t it? I know… yet when you are inside the cult and that is all you know, you don’t use your mind.. you are not used to it.. so you accept and follow.
  • Your life is set by Rules- and they are not necessarily YOUR rules, they are imposed by someone else or by set of people that tell you how you should lead your life. Examples of this are … who you can or can’t marry, what should you do in life… they push you to pursue “spiritual goals” rather than career goals. You are number 2 in your own life… number 1 is them.. the sect.
  • You are restricted with information- You are not allowed to review or research the cult outside the cult’s information. They provide the literature you are to read and nothing more than that. You can not do your own research or investigation of the church. This could have very negative consequences if you go that route.
  • They have emotional control over you- You are to be submissive to their teaching and life style. This includes also the way you feel. If in the event that you feel otherwise they can punish you severely by shunning you. If you are born in this sects, this life style is all you know and been shunned from your own friends and family at times is the most emotional damage they can do.  This is one of their drastic measures to keep  their members inside in fear. It is a rather radical punishment yet very effective.

So this are some of the “symptoms” if you wanna call it that… that a sect brings upon


Cult Confusion

If you have any more facts, please add them in your comments or you may email me… but as always Until next time ! 🙂 and make sure you stay away from sects or cults as far far away as you can…


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