6 Challenges of Emotional Detachment

My picture6 Challenges of Emotional Detachment

Hi dear readers!Today we are discussing a very sensitive subject and that is:What are some of the challenges when you are with someone who is emotionally not connected to you?I thought about six challenges and they are all very hard to overcome and endure while you are in the relationship. I truly hope this helps you see if you are in this type of relationship. 

1st Challenge- 


This challenge is extremely hard since humans were created to communicated and having a partner who doesn’t like to communicate anything is truly challenging. Honestly, a lot of times they just simply don’t have much on their mind and if they happen to have something important they themselves dismiss it putting it in a category of “irrelevant”. So that leaves you with someone who simply is quiet 99% of the time. Also, when you are the one trying to communicate or share your thoughts or feelings, the same reaction happens. They stay quiet as if you were talking to the wall.  This is very disturbing and hurtful and unfortunately as time goes by you become use to him or her being quiet. 

Even though, this is completely unacceptable, we can’t really change people and sometimes our ties to these individuals are harder than we think. Sometimes is our children who makes us stay, sometimes is commitment  but whatever it is, it’s strong enough to make us stay.

2nd Challenge- 


This individuals detest opinions, or ideas, so when expressing an opinion, they immediately see it as a threat. Even your emotions or feelings are a threat so they must fight for their opinion. What this does is, makes you weaker and controlled. You slowly start thinking how he or she thinks and feeling how he or she feels. It sounds completely wrong but our human bodies are very wise. If you were to fight forever against someone who’s opinions are stated as a fact, you wouldn’t  be able to resist. Then you just start accepting and letting him control your mentality and emotions. 

 Some of the common phrases are ” You are making it bigger than what it is” ” You don’t understand” ” You are wrong” etc. This ideas, stated as facts leads you to believe, in time, that he or she IS right. 

Underneath a simple argument like this, he is destroying your feelings and shutting you down as a person and as a unique individual. They try to make a puppet out of you or a replica of themselves.

3rd Challenge-


This challenge is one of the hardest! The relationship feels like walking on egg shells. You have no idea what can trigger their aggressive, over protective or violent mode to turn on. They may appear to be calm, but a simple mistake can frustrate them and explode to the max. 

Making too much noises, people talking, light, or anything sudden can make them have a reaction that is completely unpredictable. 

All of this, is disturbing and painful to watch since everything occurs within minutes. What can you do? Basically, nothing except wait until he switches modes to calm sleepy and tired. 

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? If you go through this, you know exactly how it feels. If you don’t then trust me, you don’t want to know how it feels. 

4th Challenge-


Okay, so we have talked about him or her not listening to your feelings, fighting their opinions or points of view vs yours and being quiet all the time. So tell me, would you feel lonely, rejected and ignored? Of Course! 

This is just a natural feeling since the person who promised you to take care of you is not doing it.

Do not think you are over reacting, or that you are feeling something wrong, because you aren’t.

When we start a relationship with someone we are looking forward to emotional intimacy, to have a best friend and those things do not ever come around your relationship. Why? Because you are isolated emotionally. You really can’t share this emotions to someone who can truly understand you because your situation is unique. Unless, the other person has been with someone with this challenges, they don’t really get it. I’ve been so many times. BUT you are NOT alone!

5th Challenge-

Loosing Identity and Personality

With time this individuals have molded you to their likes and dislikes. You know what to do and what NOT to do. Basically, your life revolves around them. This is completely inappropriate but it happens. You loose track of who you are, what your goals are in life, your likes and dislikes and so much more. It is very painful to see your self become someone you never were and at some point you are gonna think that you have lost yourself. Trust me, the real you is in there. It’s slowly rebuilding herself or himself. I can guarantee you it get’s better.

I will tell you how on my next video.

6th Challenge-


Now, tell me, if this wasn’t supposed to happen? Again, is a natural feeling when you are being mistreated, ignored, put down and so much more. Like I said my video, Love is like a little flower that grows only when taken care of. 

You are the flower and if your partner doesn’t take care of you, your love for him or her will cease to exist. 

I know this all sounds hard, and it is, but it’s not impossible. I encourage you to stick around and read my next blog, or what my video as it will help you a lot.

Thank you again for reading 🙂

Until next time


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